Arnold W. Thomas, MSW, Ordained Holy One, Clinical Chaplain, Pastoral Counselor, Motivational Speaker


Resilience is the ability to rebound from any negative or positive experiences in life. Resiliency is the process of finding ones own resilient nature. Oftentimes in life there are various disruptions in one's daily routine. The disruptions can be positive or negative and can oftentimes disrupt our comfort zone. More importantly, it's the process of integrating the teachings that those positive and negative experiences present to us. A colleague has created the following modules within resiliency: 1) Childlike nature, 2) Moral nature, 3) Intuitive nature, 4) Noble nature. I have shared my own perspective on Resilience and Resiliency. The following are for you to ponder.

The ability to understand that life is a continual process of learning is important. As many indigenous elders have shared, life is like a circle. Within that circle, there are many teachings. You can imagine yourself as a circle. When positive or negative experiences happen in life. That circle can bend or even shatter into numerous pieces. What is awesome is that we as humans have the ability to put the pieces together again. Thus forming another circle. Allowing the new circle to intergrate the new found knowledge and wisdom from the experience that caused disruption.

Finding your own Resilient nature is beautiful.

Understanding that you are powerful and unique!

Grasping that you have a purpose upon the mother earth!

Realizing that you are connected to family and friends. The support of others is important in assisting a person in finding there own resilient nature.

In the process of resiliency. A person understands that they have a human spirit. Awakening to the Understanding of how powerful ones own intuitive or spiritual nature is. The human spirit is at a persons core. The core is the genetic composition "D.N.A” of a individual. Who is your D.N.A? It’s your maternal and paternal blood lineage. The recognition and acknowledgment of your ancestoral connections is priceless!

The comprehension that your connection to the fire, water, air and earth is ancient. Our connection to the four elements of life is vital. Our ancestors utilized the four elements to find and maintain balance and harmony in life. Understanding that those elements still exist today for us to utilize. Everything in this universe has energey. It’s all a process!

It is vital that we pray and give Thanks and take care of the mother Earth, Water, Air and fire. , Also, taking care of ourselves.