Arnold W. Thomas, MSW, Ordained Holy One, Clinical Chaplain, Pastoral Counselor, Motivational Speaker


White Buffalo Knife Consulting has utilized the talents of several North American Tribal members. The photograph on the home page ( click to see home page picture in new window) is of myself during the Shoshone-Bannock festival pow-wow. The dance regalia that I have on is a Mens Traditional Northern style of regalia.

The patterns within the regalia were of my own creation and constructed by artists of the Shoshone nation. The beautiful bead work on the regalia was made by Wilma Dixey and Rios Pacheco.

Mr. Pacheco is also a mens Fancy dancer and travels to various Native American gatherings. The unique style of craft work that he makes has given him respect throughout Indian country. Mr. Pacheco currently has a craft shop in Brigham City, Utah.

Additional people who helped with the dance regalia were Wilma Dixey of the Shoshone-Bannock tribes of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. Mrs. Dixey made the moccasins and cuffs for the regalia. Also, Nino Reyos of the Ute Tribe in Eastern Utah was involved with the making of the craft work.

Mr. Nino Reyos is a Social Worker, traditional northern dancer and musician. Mr. Reyos currently has a compilation of flute songs on compact disc and cassette tape. The album is called “Native Thoughts."

The White Buffalo Knife Consulting business utilizes logos drawn by members from the Shoshone-Paiute tribes of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. The business Utilizes artwork from Kenny Catches who is a Shoshone-Paiute and Sioux Indian. His work is shown on my business brochures, letterhead, cards and throughout the web site. During his High School career Mr. Catches was a nationally ranked saddle bronc rider.

On my first compact disc I utilized various artists. The graphics were completed by a tribal member from the Dine “Navajo” nation. The artist is Raymond Deeshchiinii. During the recording another Deni by the name of Steven todichiinii completed drumming for the Native American Church songs. Curtis Baker also played his guitar and sang the song Creator’s Will.

On the 2 other compact discs I have available. The graphics and music were created by White Buffalo Knife consulting.